Web Summit Lisbon 2017

More than 60 000 attendees; More than 1200 speakers; 68% senior management; More than 2500 journalists; More than 170 countries... The Web Summit is on! And it's happening in Lisbon.   You can watch the centre stage live in here. The centre will stream live tomorrow, on November 8, from 10h15am.   https://vimeo.com/241544892?ref=fb-share&1    

The love of Pedro and Inês

The passion of Pedro and Inês de Castro is a true love story that dates from the fourteenth century. Inês de Castro, a Galician noblewoman came to Portugal in 1340, following lady Constance, bride of Prince Pedro. Soon they succumbed to a passion as intense as dangerous. Their love created a strong opposition among Portuguese … Continue reading The love of Pedro and Inês

Sunset Science & wine tasting

On the 3rd of June, you will have a good chance to explore a bit more from the fauna and the flora of  the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros. During the day you can visit Centro de Ciência Viva do Alviela - Carsoscópio and know everything about bats and at the end of the day, … Continue reading Sunset Science & wine tasting


This small village by the Atlantic Ocean has changed so much in this last years. What used to be a small fishermens village has grown into a touristic place and you don't want to miss it if you go to Portugal. There are a few places that kept their autenticity despite all the (good) changes that … Continue reading Nazaré

Stalactites and stalagmites

The Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros is a protected area mostly known for being the most important limestone area in Portugal. Stone is an element that is always present in the landscape of this Natural Park. Over the time and through geomorphological processes the stones of calcareous origin have been modeled  by … Continue reading Stalactites and stalagmites