Fado (definition)

fa.do   ˈfadu masculin noun from Latin fatum 1. fate; luck; fortune 2. what must necessarily happen; fatality 3. MUSIC portuguese musical style, generaly interpreted with portuguese guitar and classic guitar. Can present a slow tempo associated to the nostalgic tone, in subjects of love or saudade, or a fast tempo associated with the joyful and amusing tone, in subjects of social and... Continue Reading →

Keep up with the tradition

Back in the days when there was no washing machines, clothes used to be washed by women in a specific place by the river or a water fountain. Most of those places disappeared over time, in one hand because the places got distroyed and in other hand because women started working and were doing laundry... Continue Reading →

Portuguese treasures: Pavements

Portugal is known not only for the good weather, the beaches, the good food or the wine but also for the Portuguese Pavements and its beautiful designs. The Portuguese Pavement is a traditional style of pavement made with regular stone cubes of limestone or basalt and arranjed in a pattern or image. The quality of... Continue Reading →

Theatre for tourists

It's a fact!!!! We have a play 100% in english and just about the portuguese people. When a couple of tourists arrives in Portugal, it's far from thinking that will have an adventure involving characters of Portuguese History. Having a small disagreement the couple will have some help from some icones, like Amália Rodrigues, in... Continue Reading →

The love of Pedro and Inês

The passion of Pedro and Inês de Castro is a true love story that dates from the fourteenth century. Inês de Castro, a Galician noblewoman came to Portugal in 1340, following lady Constance, bride of Prince Pedro. Soon they succumbed to a passion as intense as dangerous. Their love created a strong opposition among Portuguese... Continue Reading →

What we don’t want to see

  The movie «The man who killed Don Quixote», produced by Terry Gilliam (from Monty Python) and the portuguese Ukbar Filmes, was partially filmed in Convento de Cristo, in Tomar, World Heritage Center. RTP 1 (portuguese TV channel) issued an investigation in which was reported some damages while shooting the movie. Among the damages are... Continue Reading →

El Camino de Santiago: History

El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) is a network of ancient pilgrim routes that ends at the tomb of Santiago (St. James), in northwest Spain, in the city of Santiago de Compostela. El Camino Frances is the most popular and is the one that starts St. Jean-Pied-du-Port near Biarritz in France, going through... Continue Reading →

Keep up with the tradition

Today is celebrated in Portugal what we call the Ascension day or «Wheatstalk Thursday». I am not sure is this is the correct translation but what matters is that you get it at the end. So this is the day that people go for a morning walk to pick small bundles of poppies, wheatstalks and other flowers... Continue Reading →

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