The Gift #madeinportugal

I'm a big fan of the band The Gift since the very beginning and I realized now that Vinyl has 20 years!!! Time flies!! It is a great album and this song is an example of that. Enjoy it! 🙂

A linguagem da música

Não temos de ter grandes conhecimentos musicais ou de perceber a letra de uma canção para podermos apreciar uma música. Apenas temos de a deixar entrar, absorver os sons e aproveitar o momento. Só assim a magia acontece. Por vezes arrepiamo-nos, outras vezes ficamos com um grande sorriso no rosto ou então há uma ou... Continue Reading →

The music language

We don't have to be a music expert or to understand the language of the song to be able to enjoy music. We just have to let it in, absorve the sound and emerge into the moment. And then magic will happen. Sometimes we get chills all over, other times we get a big smile... Continue Reading →

Keep up with the tradition

Back in the days when there was no washing machines, clothes used to be washed by women in a specific place by the river or a water fountain. Most of those places disappeared over time, in one hand because the places got distroyed and in other hand because women started working and were doing laundry... Continue Reading →

Portuguese treasures: Pavements

Portugal is known not only for the good weather, the beaches, the good food or the wine but also for the Portuguese Pavements and its beautiful designs. The Portuguese Pavement is a traditional style of pavement made with regular stone cubes of limestone or basalt and arranjed in a pattern or image. The quality of... Continue Reading →

Theatre for tourists

It's a fact!!!! We have a play 100% in english and just about the portuguese people. When a couple of tourists arrives in Portugal, it's far from thinking that will have an adventure involving characters of Portuguese History. Having a small disagreement the couple will have some help from some icones, like Amália Rodrigues, in... Continue Reading →

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