The Gift #madeinportugal

I'm a big fan of the band The Gift since the very beginning and I realized now that Vinyl has 20 years!!! Time flies!! It is a great album and this song is an example of that. Enjoy it! 🙂

Amália Hoje #madeinportugal

In 2009, ten years after Amália Rodrigues death, four friends decided to honour the Fado singer by recreating some of her songs with an contemporary sonority. They did not know the songs and allowed them to create some beautiful pieces of art. The album, Amália Hoje, is amazing and was the most selling album in... Continue Reading →

A linguagem da música

Não temos de ter grandes conhecimentos musicais ou de perceber a letra de uma canção para podermos apreciar uma música. Apenas temos de a deixar entrar, absorver os sons e aproveitar o momento. Só assim a magia acontece. Por vezes arrepiamo-nos, outras vezes ficamos com um grande sorriso no rosto ou então há uma ou... Continue Reading →

Fado (definition)   ˈfadu masculin noun from Latin fatum 1. fate; luck; fortune 2. what must necessarily happen; fatality 3. MUSIC portuguese musical style, generaly interpreted with portuguese guitar and classic guitar. Can present a slow tempo associated to the nostalgic tone, in subjects of love or saudade, or a fast tempo associated with the joyful and amusing tone, in subjects of social and... Continue Reading →

The music language

We don't have to be a music expert or to understand the language of the song to be able to enjoy music. We just have to let it in, absorve the sound and emerge into the moment. And then magic will happen. Sometimes we get chills all over, other times we get a big smile... Continue Reading →

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