The love of Pedro and Inês

The passion of Pedro and Inês de Castro is a true love story that dates from the fourteenth century. Inês de Castro, a Galician noblewoman came to Portugal in 1340, following lady Constance, bride of Prince Pedro. Soon they succumbed to a passion as intense as dangerous. Their love created a strong opposition among Portuguese people and court. King Afonso IV decided to stop his son’s madness and, instigated by Diogo Lopes, Pedro Coelho and Álvaro Gonçalves, ordered the death sentence of Inês de Castro by decapitation, in Coimbra, in 1355. Maddened by love, Pedro arranged his revenge. When he ascended the throne, Pedro sentenced to death two of his father’s counsellors and watched their violent execution while solemnly declaring Inês his lawful wife and forcing his subedits to recognize her, even after her death, as the Queen of Portugal.

Pedro I died on January 18th, 1367, and he maintained the memory of his loved one by having her buried near him in the Monastery of Alcobaça.

Visit Alcobaça and don’t forget to try the Conventual delicacies of Alcobaça and go for a walk in this beautiful town.

Enjoy 😉

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