What we don’t want to see


The movie «The man who killed Don Quixote», produced by Terry Gilliam (from Monty Python) and the portuguese Ukbar Filmes, was partially filmed in Convento de Cristo, in Tomar, World Heritage Center. RTP 1 (portuguese TV channel) issued an investigation in which was reported some damages while shooting the movie. Among the damages are cutting of trees, broken stones and shingles destroyed. There are some evidences of a bonfire inside the convent with about 20 mt high, when fire was never allowed before.

First, who gave the permission? Something like this should never be allowed from the director of the monument. And second, who would ever even consider touching the walls of such remarkable monument or making a bonfire inside of it? The high temperatures will damage a building that is already old and damaged by itself.

Isn’t this situation just an example of being over-ambitious from both sides? In one hand we have the director of the monument that wants power or recognition at any price and on the other hand we have the producers of the movie showing eagerly desirous of obtaining success without mesuring the consequences of their actions. Nowadays, with the new tecnologies you can use the building for the movie and use some special effects in some situations.

It was also reported corruption when selling entrances, going around 30% of the tickets sold in a day straight to somebody’s pocket. And this has been happenig for over 30 years. Why is this still going on?  Why is the director and the same still people working there. It is time to put an end on it and initiate the procedure for impeachment.

Sign the petition here. And here it is the TV report. It’s in portuguese, but you can have a brief picture of what happened and see some pictures of before and after the damages.




Convento de Cristo, Claustro Dom João II (foto de tomartv.com)


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