Keep up with the tradition

Today is celebrated in Portugal what we call the Ascension day or «Wheatstalk Thursday». I am not sure is this is the correct translation but what matters is that you get it at the end. So this is the day that people go for a morning walk to pick small bundles of poppies, wheatstalks and other flowers in the fields to form a bouquet that is afterwards placed at home, for good fortune, prosperity and hapiness, usually hanged behind the entrance door until the next year.

This festivity to the Catholic Church is associated with the Ascension of God and for the people is celebrated the blessing of having the first fruits and flowers from Nature. Traditionaly you weren’t supposed to work on this day because, like my grandmother used to say, was the day for renovation. And for that you pick up new flowers wishing for peace, good fortune, prosperity and hapiness and you let go the  bouquet from the previous year.

Each flower in the bouquet has a meaning:
Wheatstalk – So you can have bread the all year around
Poppies – Love and life
Daisies – For good fortune and prosperity
Rosemary – health and strenght
Grapevine – So there will be wine and happiness at all the tables.
Olive – So that there is no lack of olive oil, light and peace throughout the year




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