This small village by the Atlantic Ocean has changed so much in this last years. What used to be a small fishermens village has grown into a touristic place and you don’t want to miss it if you go to Portugal.

There are a few places that kept their autenticity despite all the (good) changes that they have been suffering and Nazaré is one of those. This town can still provide you traditions culture, activities, accommodation, night life, good beach, good food, fresh fruits (in a big market that opens every day) and most of all fresh fish at reasonable prices.

In this picturesque village you will find out how we have a chillout lifestyle but be careful because nazarenos are always ready for a party. In the summer the village is full of bars, cafes and the beach is covered with coloured umbrellas. During Winter, New Years Eve and Carnival are properly celebrated. So you can come and visit all year around because there are no low seasons.

Local women use a traditional dress wearing seven skirts at the same time and you can easily find them hawking rooms/chambres/zimmers near the seafront avenue or taking care of the dry fish. To have a different view of the village you can always take funicular with more that 100 years going from downtown to Sítio da Nazaré, the part of the village that is on the top of the cliffs. It is beautiful and you can find there amazing restaurants.

Nazaré is also known as the village where Garrett Mcnamara surfed the biggest ever surfed, in Praia do Norte. These kind of waves are formed just in the winter time, so no worries, you can enjoy the beach properly in the summer time.

Enjoy it 🙂


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